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You love helping others. It’s your passion. That’s why Penn Foster is holding a conference just for you! Join us the week of October 15 to connect with fellow helping professionals and improve your practices.

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Thinking about what you value most is important to prioritize your life. As your career and where you live are two key factors regarding your overall happiness, it’s important to consider how they complement one another. Certain jobs are more prominent regionally. Here’s how to find out what industries are thriving where you live as you think about your long-term career path.

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If you’re thinking about leaving your corporate job to follow your dream, you’re not alone. You’re not the only one. It’s becoming a quiet trend.

It’s no secret, the medical field is growing and in need of more skilled workers. This is a great advantage for people interested in work that helps others with a bright career outlook. Medical assistants are needed in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, physician’s practices, nursing homes, clinics, chiropractic offices, laboratories, and more. With 29% medical assistant job growth projected until 2026 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics , many are looking to hop on the Allied Health train and establish themselves in the field. Interested? Let’s dive into what medical assistant do from day-to-day, and see what types of folks do best in this line of work.

Learn More about Year Up

Year Up has a bold vision for the future, and believes in providing young adults with skills, experience, and support toward professional careers. The program offers free, one-year job-training that could help you take the next step toward your career goals if you’re eligible. Find out more about this opportunity in the latest Student Life Blog.

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