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Need to know more about what employers are looking for in job candidates? Not sure how to talk yourself up in cover letters or on your LinkedIn profile? Whether you’re ready to start the job hunt or need some helpful hints on being as successful as possible with your studies, our 2019 Student Success and Career Fair has something for you.
rocks balancing
Balance in the workplace is more than just making sure you have the right work/life split. It also means pushing toward an equal and fair workplace in terms of things like gender and diversity, a goal we can all contribute to. Here’s why it matters, how you can make changes to encourage balance for better in your job, and how everyone can play a part.
man reading newspaper on white tabletop
A resume is the first thing a potential employer will see, so it’s important to show off your skills and successes. But, what’s more awkward than “bragging” about the things you’ve done? Though being humble is a good thing, it can hurt you in your job search. Here are 5 ways to proudly talk about what you bring to the table.
Filing taxes on a laptop
The best way to invest in your future and your career is by furthering your education. With tax season in full swing, you’ve got plans for your refund. Here’s why you should make room to invest in yourself this year!
workers inspecting worksite
You’ve been with your company for a while and you’re dedicated to your job, so you’re ready to move ahead in your career. You’ve seen your supervisor do the work and you think you know what it takes to be a leader at your plant, but being an industrial supervisor includes tasks and responsibilities you may not even be aware of. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for the challenges and be motivated by the rewards of being an industrial supervisor.

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