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share your road

Have you reached your career destination? Not sure how to get started on the road toward your dream job? Connect with professionals across the nation and map out your professional journey with Penn Foster and Roadtrip Nation. Here’s how you can Share Your Road today.

smoke and sparks from welding

The manufacturing industry has more opportunity than you know. As jobs become more technology-based, manufacturers are struggling to fill open positions with qualified candidates. Now is a great time for you to discover a career path in this field. Here’s what you need to know about the manufacturing industry and how you can take the first steps toward an exciting career you love!

Man Lifting Weights

Penn Foster offers a selection of programs that can fit the lifestyle and needs of every service member and their family. These programs will help you be the best version of yourself both inside the military and after your tour of duty is over.

city overview

Thinking about what you value most is important to prioritize your life. As your career and where you live are two key factors regarding your overall happiness, it’s important to consider how they complement one another. Certain jobs are more prominent regionally. Here’s how to find out what industries are thriving where you live as you think about your long-term career path.

Wondering if learning about 3D printing will help your manufacturing career? Stop wondering. The answer is yes. Here’s why.

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