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model heart on textbook.
You obviously want to be a medical biller and coder, but there’s more to being a successful professional than just starting a career. Here are three secrets about the profession you should know.
woman using apple computer on couch.
How can you start a career when finding a babysitter is always a struggle and the cost of professional childcare is more than what you make at work? If you’ve got an internet connection and a working computer, finding a job you can work remotely might be the right move for you. Here are the top work from home careers you can prepare for, all on your schedule.
man looking at resume
You’ve interviewed at a company you’re really hoping to work for and you know you did great. A day passes, five days go by, and you still haven’t heard anything, and you’re starting to worry: are you ever going to hear back? Should you move on and start following up with other job opportunities or is it worth reaching out to the hiring manager to get an update? Here’s what to do when you don’t hear back after an interview.
man drinking coffee with cat
You’ve been interested in helping our furry friends live their best lives for a while and you’ve worked hard to get started on your career in veterinary medicine. Whether you’re currently in the middle of your Veterinary Technician Associate Degree, or you’ve passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and you’re working as a licensed tech, you’re looking toward the future. What’s the next step in your career? It could be furthering your education in the field with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Here’s how this could benefit you.
graphic design sketch
You’ve dreamt of using your love of art and design to build a career, but weren’t sure you could have a stable job in the field. Instead of imagining up your perfect job, make it a reality by becoming a graphic designer. Here’s what you need to know before taking your first steps toward designing the career you want.

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