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Once you graduate, the main goal is to secure that dream job you’ve been working toward. We sat down with an expert to find out what employers are looking for in candidates so you can crush your next interview.
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People care what you wear, no matter where you are. With only about 7 seconds to make a first impression, the way you present yourself is the easiest way for others to have some idea of who you are. Paying attention to the little details of what you wear to work can make a huge difference in terms of how others think about you. Here are three reasons why you should care what you wear, too.
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2019 is your year. You’re finally going to follow your dream and get the career you’ve always wanted. Penn Foster is here to help with 9 programs that you can start and finish in 2019.
Are you looking to move forward at work, but worried about taking a risk with change? It can be scary to ask your boss about a promotion, but if you don’t ask, you might be missing out on valuable career opportunities. Calculated risks can be necessary and can help you stand out at work. Here are a few signs that making a move toward advancing your career is the right thing to do.
Even if you have all of the drive, skill, knowledge, and passion any employer could possibly want, a few bad habits could easily hold you back in your career growth. Here are some common habits you might not even realize you’ve fallen into.

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