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person typing on laptop at table
As an online student or graduate, you rely on email to get in touch with teachers, other students, and potential employers. However, even someone who uses their email every day can be guilty of making some common mistakes that can negatively impact your professional relationship. Don’t stress, though! We can help you get back on track with this list of email do’s and don’ts.
woman on mountain with dog
2019 is your year. You’re finally going to follow your dream and get the career you’ve always wanted. Penn Foster is here to help with 9 programs that you can start and finish in 2019.
 A 3D-Printer.
Wondering if learning about 3D printing will help your manufacturing career? Stop wondering. The answer is yes. Here’s why.
Medical Assistant Asking Questions to a patient.
It’s no secret, the medical field is growing and in need of more skilled workers. This is a great advantage for people interested in work that helps others with a bright career outlook. Medical assistants are needed in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, physician’s practices, nursing homes, clinics, chiropractic offices, laboratories, and more. With 29% medical assistant job growth projected until 2026 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics , many are looking to hop on the Allied Health train and establish themselves in the field. Interested? Let’s dive into what medical assistant do from day-to-day, and see what types of folks do best in this line of work.
A Neon sign that displays the words "bad habits"
Even if you have all of the drive, skill, knowledge, and passion any employer could possibly want, a few bad habits could easily hold you back in your career growth. Here are some common habits you might not even realize you’ve fallen into.

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