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You’ve interviewed at a company you’re really hoping to work for and you know you did great. A day passes, five days go by, and you still haven’t heard anything, and you’re starting to worry: are you ever going to hear back? Should you move on and start following up with other job opportunities or is it worth reaching out to the hiring manager to get an update? Here’s what to do when you don’t hear back after an interview.
brain model
You’ve always been told your grades are what matters. But while looking perfect on paper definitely helps you get that job you’re applying for, these days most employers are equally concerned with your willingness to adapt and work with others on a team . Here’s how you can challenge yourself while improving the skills and knowledge hiring managers are looking for.
Filing taxes on a laptop
The best way to invest in your future and your career is by furthering your education. With tax season in full swing, you’ve got plans for your refund. Here’s why you should make room to invest in yourself this year!
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You’re excited to kick-start a career right away, so the idea of enrolling in a traditional, four year college doesn’t feel right. Besides taking years to complete, the tuition is not something you can reasonably afford. Don’t force yourself into an education you don’t love for a career you’re not thrilled about; instead, take a look at careers that don’t require a degree and explore ways to get the right credentials to do what you want to. Here are ten in-demand careers you can make your dream job without a four year degree.
skilled trade tools
When you’re studying or training for a new job, you want to be secure in the fact that what you’re learning will be relevant. Career education is supposed to help you learn what you need to find a job that’s reliable. Here are some careers and industries that we rely on every day to get us where we’re going that can provide job security to those interested in working in a skilled trade.

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