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Can you believe that graduation is almost here? All over the country, schools, colleges, and universities are getting prepped to celebrate and commemorate the accomplishments of their graduates. Penn Foster is no different! While you’re getting ready to walk the stage, make sure you double check that you have everything you need with this handy list!

graduate celebration

June 2nd is the 2018 Penn Foster Graduation! Wherever you are, celebrate your success in a BIG way; you’ve earned it! At Penn Foster, graduation is all about feeling connected to your fellow grads, recognizing your accomplishments, and getting noticed by the #PFproud community.

Graduation is right around the corner, and it’s officially time to get excited! The grad-season spirit brings out the fun in us all, and what better way to ease those big-day jitters then by starting a small, relaxing art project. Though you’re sharing this event, it’s still your big day. If you’re looking to stand out and add your own personal touch to shine among the crowd, decorate your grad cap!

passion led us here

Our students have great advice and wisdom to share. And who better to help you through your struggles in your program than someone who’s gone through the same thing? Rocco, a 2018 Student Ambassador and Freelance Writer, shares his thoughts and advice on crossing that program finish line! Check out Rocco’s expert advice in the latest Student Life Blog!

Penn Foster student receiving diploma

In teen movies, Graduation Day is the happily-ever-after ending the audience was waiting for. It’s the ultimate endgame, the end of years of hard work. And, sometimes, the lead up to graduation is the catalyst for any action and adventure that happens in the movie. Graduation in real life, as an adult, can feel quite a bit different. As adults, we’re busy, we have work and family and life going on, so taking time to sit back and celebrate our successes seems wasteful. But, even almost ten years later, I regret not going to my college graduation. Before you regret missing out on marking a milestone, check out a few reasons why you should attend your graduation ceremony!

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