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When you’re not confident in your writing skills, the thought of submitting essays or research papers as part of your online Penn Foster program can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? Before you get stressed or convince yourself you can’t get a passing grade in your English classes, here are a few tips on writing a good essay.
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2019 is your year. You’re finally going to follow your dream and get the career you’ve always wanted. Penn Foster is here to help with 9 programs that you can start and finish in 2019.
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Do red marks on your writing assignments intimidate you? What you write can feel so personal that, when you get less than perfect grades on assignments, you can feel hurt and discouraged. Three-fourths of the nation’s eighth and twelfth-grade students weren’t confident in their writing and didn’t meet school district standards in writing. Instead of being intimidated by red marks on your work, let Penn Foster help you feel more confident with this series of no-cost webinars!
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Each student at Penn Foster has an amazing, unique story and voice. We’ll be sharing guest blogs from our Student Ambassadors throughout the year about staying motivated, Penn Foster, and reaching their goals. Kylie Pierce, a Vet Tech student, has struggled with staying motivated throughout her courses due to depression. Here’s some tips and tricks she’s learned to keep moving forward.
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Each student at Penn Foster has an amazing story to tell. We’ll be sharing blogs from our Student Ambassadors throughout the year, discussing their thoughts on motivation, inspiration, and reaching their goals. Check out how Penn Foster has made a difference in Jennifer’s life.

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