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auto repair technician certification
While the skilled trades industries and online education don't seem like they would mix, learning skilled trades online has proven to be an incredibly valuable experience for some of our students! Discover the benefits of learning skilled trades online and meet a Penn Foster skilled trades graduate right here.
from pastime to profession
Career experts and parents generally have one piece of advice they give in common: do what you love. In the first part of our "From Pastime to Profession" series, we take a look at how you can turn your firearms repair hobby into a career as a gunsmith!
gunsmithing school online
If you're passionate about your hobby of firearms repair and restoration, why not turn it into a career? Here are five steps that can help you turn your knowledge of firearms into a career as a professional gunsmith!
Gunsmithing 5 Most Famous Guns in History
Gunsmithing is more than cleaning and repairing firearms. It has a deep history of innovation as well in the firearms industry.
Gun restoration techniques
Gunsmithing skills come in handy when restoring antique firearms. See a few popular types of firearm restoration techniques that can help with that new project.

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