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becoming a home health aide
Are you interested in breaking into the healthcare industry but not interested in pursuing a four-plus-year degree? Becoming a home health aide might be the solution for you! Learn more about this career and how to become a successful home health aide in this blog post.
home health aide certification
There are different paths you can take to become a home health aide, but one of the major areas of confusion when it comes to joining the home healthcare industry is the role of certification. Learn more about home health aide certification, state requirements, licenses, and more for home health aides here!
what do home health aides do
You know you want to pursue a career helping others, and you may have considered a career in home health care, but what exactly do home health aides do? We'll go over the common day-to-day responsibilities of home health aides in this Student Life Blog post!
where do home health aides work
With a projected job growth of 38% over the next few years, the demand for home health aides is higher than ever! In this article, we'll discuss the work environment of home health aides and detail exactly what industries are hiring home health care practitioners.
how to become a home health aide
Penn Foster's new Home Health Aide program is designed to help you break into the direct care industry. But what exactly do home health aides do? And how do you become a home health aide? Find out in this Student Life Blog post!

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