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man and woman talking at table
When you’re working toward a new career or hoping to move up at your current company, you may think that only the accomplishments you’ve listed on your resume and explained in your cover letter will be considered. However, many employers look to the Internet to get a sense of who potential hires really are. That’s where building a strong personal brand and a positive reputation can help. Here’s why and how you should start thinking about what story your profiles are telling.
man looking out window
How many times have you heard someone say that you should leave your private life at the door when you come in for your scheduled shift? On paper, that sounds easy. In real life, though, it can be tough to forget about the problems that are waiting for you at home. Here are a few tips to help you get through work when you’re going through something.
graphic design sketch
You’ve dreamt of using your love of art and design to build a career, but weren’t sure you could have a stable job in the field. Instead of imagining up your perfect job, make it a reality by becoming a graphic designer. Here’s what you need to know before taking your first steps toward designing the career you want.
dress form with measuring tape
When you’ve got bills to pay and groceries to buy, purchasing a new outfit just isn’t in the budget. While fast fashion, clothing made quickly and cheaply, is easier on the budget, it doesn’t last nearly as long as well made, slow fashion. Staying in style and on trend for cheap doesn’t have to be a dream when you know how to create DIY fashion from home. Learning how to sew, create clothing patterns, and design your own pieces can do more for you than just help you stay ahead of the fashion curve. You can gain practical skills and even start your own business. Here’s why our Dressmaking and Design Career Diploma Program could be the right fit for you.
man waiting for an interview
After what you thought was an excellent interview, you don’t hear back and find the job was offered to another candidate. Besides being disappointed you didn’t get the position, you might also be confused. What went wrong? Here’s how you can identify and avoid common interview mistakes for better luck in the future.

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