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friends laughing
When you spend forty hours or more at work, you end up becoming closer to your coworkers than some of your friends and family members! But should you take that friendship outside of your job? Socializing with your coworkers outside of the office can be a good thing - but you have to be careful not to cross any professional lines. Check out our tips to having appropriate relationships with your work pals when you’re not on the clock.
Once you graduate, the main goal is to secure that dream job you’ve been working toward. We sat down with an expert to find out what employers are looking for in candidates so you can crush your next interview.
woman using calculator with invoices
If you’re searching for a new career and enjoy being organized, working with numbers, and feeling needed by your team, becoming a Bookkeeper could be the career move for you. But what does a bookkeeper do, exactly? And why should you become one?
Wondering if learning about 3D printing will help your manufacturing career? Stop wondering. The answer is yes. Here’s why.
telescope overlooking paris france
Not everyone has a clear vision of what they want to be when they “grow up.” When you have a variety of interests and skills, you may find yourself struggling to find the career that is right for you and your lifestyle. There’s so much possibility out there, so here are a few things that can help you pick the right career.

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