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Whether you’re regularly donating your time, money, or talents to help those in need, or you give what you can once a year, you are making a difference. From cleaning up local parks, to walking dogs at animal rescues, to helping your elderly neighbor with household chores, you’re making room in your life to give back. We’re #PFProud of the good you do. Here’s how current Penn Foster students are making an impact in their communities.

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Our Student Ambassadors are leaders, motivators, and helpers! Ariel, an Ambassador since 2013 and President of the group shares some of her insight on gaining leadership skills, making a flexible education work for you, and how you can gain confident in your abilities.

Are you looking to move forward at work, but worried about taking a risk with change? It can be scary to ask your boss about a promotion, but if you don’t ask, you might be missing out on valuable career opportunities. Calculated risks can be necessary and can help you stand out at work. Here are a few signs that making a move toward advancing your career is the right thing to do.

Each Mother’s Day, we celebrate the limitless love and generosity mothers give. It’s a full time job, giving selflessly to benefit your family, and comes with more than one or two sticky issues every day (literally). With a 9-5 job, raising your family, and getting some sleep, it can be tough to imagine adding anything else to your plate. If a college degree is your dream, however, Penn Foster can help you take the first steps toward making it happen!


Over the past month, we’ve learned a lot about some strong women who lead at Penn Foster and we asked you to submit your stories, too! Everyone who told their story is a shining star, but one submission stood out. Our first Women’s Leadership Award winner, Caralissa McQueen is a leader in everything she does. Read more about her story in this Student Life blog post!

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