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Penn Foster graduates
Completing your Penn Foster program is a big deal! Whether you have some lessons left to go or you’re already a graduate, now’s a good time to think about celebrating your accomplishment. You KNOW how hard you worked to get where you are today, so here’s why you should take some time to celebrate what you’ve achieved.
man on computer
When you’re an online student, you may think you’re on your own. You have to find your own answers and figure things out by yourself. But you’re not alone at Penn Foster. Check out our new and updated Learning Resource Centers to get help with tough subjects, learn more about how your classes work, and set up appointments to speak with your instructors.
daily planner with markers
School is important to you. You’ve got goals to reach and you know what you need to get done to get there, but you also have other responsibilities, like work, family, and keeping up with your daily life. Balancing everything you need to do can be stressful, but there are ways to make it easier. We’ve developed tools designed to help you build study time into your life.
woman studying at home
You’re glad you signed up for an online program that allows you to study wherever and whenever you want. But the freedom to study at your own pace, especially when you’ve got a busy life, takes a lot of motivation. It’s possible, though, to keep up with your studies while working, taking care of your family, and having a life if you know how to stay inspired. Here’s a few of our favorite tips to keep you on track to reaching your goals.
Penn Foster graduation banner
One amazing person is honored as our Graduate of the Year at each ceremony held in Pennsylvania each year. Every story we receive for this honor is special and we’re #PFProud of the work you do. Our five finalists for Penn Foster graduation 2019 really stood out. Check out their stories and get inspired to reach your goals, too!

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