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Whether you’re regularly donating your time, money, or talents to help those in need, or you give what you can once a year, you are making a difference. From cleaning up local parks, to walking dogs at animal rescues, to helping your elderly neighbor with household chores, you’re making room in your life to give back. We’re #PFProud of the good you do. Here’s how current Penn Foster students are making an impact in their communities.

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Our Student Ambassadors are leaders, motivators, and helpers! Ariel, an Ambassador since 2013 and President of the group shares some of her insight on gaining leadership skills, making a flexible education work for you, and how you can gain confident in your abilities.

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In any workplace, you’ll meet people you don’t always see eye to eye with. You’ll also meet people you mesh with immediately. Veterinary clinics are no different! For some expert advice on working with the different people you’ll interact with as a veterinary technician, we sat down with Megan, the Department Chair for Penn Foster’s Veterinary Academy! Check out her advice here.

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Penn Foster graduates are some of the most dedicated, driven, and amazing people we’ve ever met. From facing challenges head on and defeating self-doubt to reaching their goals, each one has a story to tell. Want to get inspired and hear about life after graduation? Check out these recent Alumni Spotlight Webinar stories and catch up on what you missed.

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Whether your back to school journey began in the fall or you took advantage of our flexible admissions and enrolled when it felt right for you, you’re on your way to become a back to school hero! You’re determined to work toward a job you love and nothing will stand in your way. That’s the Penn Foster spirit and there are other students making it happen just like you! If you want to know how awesome your fellow students are, look no further! Find the motivation you need in these student stories.

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