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share your road

Have you reached your career destination? Not sure how to get started on the road toward your dream job? Connect with professionals across the nation and map out your professional journey with Penn Foster and Roadtrip Nation. Here’s how you can Share Your Road today.

smoke and sparks from welding

The manufacturing industry has more opportunity than you know. As jobs become more technology-based, manufacturers are struggling to fill open positions with qualified candidates. Now is a great time for you to discover a career path in this field. Here’s what you need to know about the manufacturing industry and how you can take the first steps toward an exciting career you love!

Weekly Planner

Suddenly, this big exciting goal seems like a huge, scary challenge. How are you supposed to find time to study when you work all day and your kids have soccer practice after school? Not to mention you need to make dinner and pay the bills and... Take a deep breath. All you need to succeed is a study schedule that works for you. Making one isn’t hard. This post will show you how in six easy steps.

Dog & cat laying down

In any workplace, you’ll meet people you don’t always see eye to eye with. You’ll also meet people you mesh with immediately. Veterinary clinics are no different! For some expert advice on working with the different people you’ll interact with as a veterinary technician, we sat down with Megan, the Department Chair for Penn Foster’s Veterinary Academy! Check out her advice here.

journal and computer

Penn Foster graduates are some of the most dedicated, driven, and amazing people we’ve ever met. From facing challenges head on and defeating self-doubt to reaching their goals, each one has a story to tell. Want to get inspired and hear about life after graduation? Check out these recent Alumni Spotlight Webinar stories and catch up on what you missed.

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