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woman's closet
Whether you’re interviewing at a conservative, Fortune 500 company or a cool, innovative start up, you should make sure you look and feel confident. You should also make sure what you wear shows the interviewer that you respect them, their time, and yourself. To make the best impression possible, here’s a list of things to avoid wearing to your interview.
clothes hanging on rack
People care what you wear, no matter where you are. With only about 7 seconds to make a first impression, the way you present yourself is the easiest way for others to have some idea of who you are. Paying attention to the little details of what you wear to work can make a huge difference in terms of how others think about you. Here are three reasons why you should care what you wear, too.
girl boss
As a woman in a male-dominated industry, it can sometimes be challenging to be taken seriously and awarded opportunities to move up at work. But, just like your male coworkers, it is possible to grow your career and work your way up. Here’s how you can rise up as a leader in traditionally male industries.
daily report
There’s no better time to take the first steps toward a career as a Pharmacy Technician Professional. Technicians play a vital role in healthcare and the job growth for the field is expected to be faster than average. Do you have the essential skills needed to be a successful Pharm Tech?
Student life blog computer coffee
A Liberal Arts degree is often thought to be useless unless you have plans to become a teacher or further your studies down the road. But a “useless” degree like English can teach you the soft skills many job-seekers today lack. Here’s how one English major learned some important skills and why you shouldn’t be so quick to ditch your Liberal Arts degree!

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