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dress form with measuring tape
When you’ve got bills to pay and groceries to buy, purchasing a new outfit just isn’t in the budget. While fast fashion, clothing made quickly and cheaply, is easier on the budget, it doesn’t last nearly as long as well made, slow fashion. Staying in style and on trend for cheap doesn’t have to be a dream when you know how to create DIY fashion from home. Learning how to sew, create clothing patterns, and design your own pieces can do more for you than just help you stay ahead of the fashion curve. You can gain practical skills and even start your own business. Here’s why our Dressmaking and Design Career Diploma Program could be the right fit for you.
hobby items
Do you wish you could turn the hobby you love into the career that you love? You’re amazing at your craft and people always tell you how much they love your work, but you’re not sure that turning this hobby into a job can be practical. But guess what? Other makers like you have made it work; why can’t you? Here’s how to turn your hobby into your career.
learn new work skills
These days, with so many people having access to laptop computers, a strong internet connection, and company VPNs, the ability to work from home isn’t limited to certain careers. If you’re specifically looking to break into a career that allows you to work from the comfort of your home office, check out some of these remote careers!
types of online businesses
Have you ever had a tough day at work and thought, “I wish I could be my own boss?” Recent technologies have made opening your own business less of a risk - particularly online businesses. If you’ve been considering starting an online business of your own, check out a few of these different types of businesses you can open!
back to school state of mind
While Penn Foster students might not experience the traditional "back to school" season, there's no reason the spirit of going back to school can't be present in your studies! Here are a few ways celebrating the back to school season can revitalize your studies and help you stay motivated.

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