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kitchen counter with ingredients laid out

You’re working hard to further your education and with everything else on your plate, it can be tough to make time to cook a good meal at home. Instead of sacrificing your study time for meal time, or your meal time so you can study, try one of these quick, and delicious recipes!

Weekly Planner

You don’t want to put your goals on the backburner and you shouldn’t have to! Check out our top 10 scheduling tips that will help you schedule like a pro so you can finish that to-do list.

three friends jumping

Emotional and professional support can make a difference in your life and career, especially if you’re making a big life change. You don’t have to take the journey alone. Having help available doesn’t make you weak; in fact, a solid support network cheering you on and lifting you up can help you be stronger. So, who’s in your support system and how can they help you be the best student and your best self?

Girl Studying

You’ve been studying in the same space, looking at the same walls and rereading the same paragraph for hours. It’s a struggle to keep your focus where it needs to be and your brain wanders more than it stays on the study unit you’re learning. This means it’s time to take a short study vacation and give your brain some breathing room. Here’s a few ways you can take a break from your normal study routine for a different scene, all within your budget!


You get paid and your money seems to immediately disappear once you pay your bills, chip away at car and home loans, buy your groceries, and fill up your gas tank. How frustrating is that?! Budgeting isn’t always the most fun thing to do. Making room so you have cash to save and spend on yourself, after paying for the essentials, makes it less of a drag! Check out our top 10 budgeting hacks.

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