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Woman holding her paycheck
Saving money, budgeting, and making investments in your future can seem pretty stressful. They all require a big money commitment, right? Not necessarily. There are easy ways you can save money while also investing in a future you want, on any budget. Here’s how you can make it happen this year.
clothes hanging on rack
People care what you wear, no matter where you are. With only about 7 seconds to make a first impression, the way you present yourself is the easiest way for others to have some idea of who you are. Paying attention to the little details of what you wear to work can make a huge difference in terms of how others think about you. Here are three reasons why you should care what you wear, too.
woman holding paper money
Tax season can be a stressful time for anyone.There’s a lot to think about, from ensuring you file on time to making sure you included all the information you needed to. While you know about taxes in general, you may not be sure how the income tax process actually works. Here’s what you need to know and how you can use this year’s refund to invest in your future.
Man on top of mountain
It’s okay to admit that you’re afraid to fail at something. Most of us are, so you’re not alone. But how can you overcome your fear of failure and go after what you want? Read these tips on moving past your fear to achieve your dreams in 2019.
road leading to mountains in the desert
There’s no better time to start on a new road and begin the journey toward your best self than the beginning of a new year. Resolutions get tough to keep when you’re back on the grind of everyday life. Before you let the opportunity to start down a new road pass you by, here are a few practical ways you can greet the new year head on.

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