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kitchen counter with ingredients laid out

You’re working hard to further your education and with everything else on your plate, it can be tough to make time to cook a good meal at home. Instead of sacrificing your study time for meal time, or your meal time so you can study, try one of these quick, and delicious recipes!

person holding small present

It’s the season of giving back! Every act of kindness, big or small, can make a change. As a Penn Foster student, you have the independent drive, motivation, and skills to make an impact in your community. Here’s what you can do to give back.

Weekly Planner

Suddenly, this big exciting goal seems like a huge, scary challenge. How are you supposed to find time to study when you work all day and your kids have soccer practice after school? Not to mention you need to make dinner and pay the bills and... Take a deep breath. All you need to succeed is a study schedule that works for you. Making one isn’t hard. This post will show you how in six easy steps.

super helpful sign

Coming back to school after being away for a while can be tough. You’re out of practice when it comes to studying, taking notes, and staying on top of classwork. Add in trying online education for the first time and you may feel overwhelmed. Here’s how Penn Foster can help.

Relationship Building

Building strong relationships is key in helping you get through your challenges and reach your academic goals. From your family and friends, to teachers, classmates and advisors, strong relationships mean you have a whole network of people supporting you and working for your success.

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