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You’re an independent online student. You know what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to studying. But sometimes, you can get stuck on a problem you just can’t figure out. Before you lose motivation or decide you’ll just never understand the subject you’re having problems with, check out these easy to use resources.
Relationship Building
Building strong relationships is key in helping you get through your challenges and reach your academic goals. From your family and friends, to teachers, classmates and advisors, strong relationships mean you have a whole network of people supporting you and working for your success.
teacher appreciation week
We are so grateful for our Penn Foster Instructors! Our experienced, accomplished faculty is here to help our students achieve their goals. They work to provide a strong education, positive student experience, and to make sure the doors to success are wide open and ready for you. Read up on some of the awesome PF personalities!
The Writer's Block
If you’re a Penn Foster student stuck on a particularly difficult essay, not sure what topic to choose, or want to make sure your grammar is on point, this is the place for you! Penn Foster’s writing center, housed within the digital library, is devoted to supporting students as they develop critical thinking, reading and writing skills that are crucial to so many careers and industries. Check out what our tutors can help you with in the latest Student Life Blog post!

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