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Instead of being the one who actually sets broken bones and treats Fido’s sour stomach, you can help the veterinarians focus on their patients by handling leadership and administrative tasks as the Veterinary Practice Manager. You’ll get to help keep animals healthy, but you’ll do it without getting your hands (quite so) dirty. To get the most out of this growing career field, you’ll want to start working toward a veterinary practice management certificate as soon as possible.
careers in animal care
How can you break into the animal care field without spending years earning a bachelor’s degree, followed by more time in veterinary school? Or what if you want to help animals, but don’t want to deal with the sadder side of veterinary medicine? Learn about your options in this Student Life Blog post!
vet assistant responsibilities
Are you certain that a career in animal care is right for you but not sure which option fits you best? You might want to consider pursuing a career as a veterinary assistant! Learn what veterinary assistants do on a day-to-day basis and more about the profession in this Student Life Blog post.
Animal care careers
If you're interested in a career in animal care, there's no shortage of options! Here are a few careers for people who want to work with animals and information on what you need to get started in each.
Online veterinary assistant programs
A love of animals is certainly a great reason to enter the animal career field, but it's not the only reason! Here are a few reasons it's now a great time to enter the animal care field as a veterinary assistant, and exactly how you can break into that profession.

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