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Video Series Entreprenuer

You can learn a lot from someone else's experiences and life journey. Nancy Moretti, Penn Foster College's Early Childhood Education Department Chair, shares her experiences in our latest video series.

Writing is an important part of every career you could possibly enter.  Having the skills necessary to write your thoughts, ideas, plans and being able to proofread with a critical eye is important.  Learn more from our latest Video Series post!

Online Etiquette

What you say online is not nearly as important in how you say it. Learn the importance of digital communication with our latest video series featuring online etiquette.

Online Plagiarism Video

Plagiarism poses a very serious threat to the modern online student. In our first video in our Student Life Video Series, we discuss what you should know about plagiarism both online and offline.

Online Distance Learning FAQ

Distance learning can be a daunting decision for many people. Erin Connors, from Penn Foster, discusses the top 9 questions about distance learning that everyone should know.

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