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person taking notes with open laptop.
When you’re not confident in your writing skills, the thought of submitting essays or research papers as part of your online Penn Foster program can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? Before you get stressed or convince yourself you can’t get a passing grade in your English classes, here are a few tips on writing a good essay.
gmail account open on laptop.
When you’re annoyed with a situation at work, your first instinct might be to let the person who annoyed know ASAP. But, while at work, you can’t be openly rude, so you rely on passive-aggressive phrases and messages to get the point across. Do it consistently, and you earn a reputation around the office. Before you get stuck being known as that annoying coworker, check out some of the commonly used phrases in email that can be a bit much, and what you can use instead.
person typing on laptop at table
As an online student or graduate, you rely on email to get in touch with teachers, other students, and potential employers. However, even someone who uses their email every day can be guilty of making some common mistakes that can negatively impact your professional relationship. Don’t stress, though! We can help you get back on track with this list of email do’s and don’ts.
Christina Elvidge, Penn Foster Instructor
When you struggle with writing assignments, talking to your English instructor can be a bit intimidating. After all, they’ve studied the subject for years and are experts in writing the perfect paper. But they’ve battled writer’s block, poor grammar, and frustrating revisions, too. It might seem scary but who better to help you improve your work than an amazing writer and instructor like Christina Elvidge? Learn more about Christina and her advice for students who aren’t sure they’ll make it through their writing assignments.
Writing Student
Do red marks on your writing assignments intimidate you? What you write can feel so personal that, when you get less than perfect grades on assignments, you can feel hurt and discouraged. Three-fourths of the nation’s eighth and twelfth-grade students weren’t confident in their writing and didn’t meet school district standards in writing. Instead of being intimidated by red marks on your work, let Penn Foster help you feel more confident with this series of no-cost webinars!

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