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The Writer's Block
For the most part, no matter where your natural skills align, no matter what your end goal is, there are some “general education” courses that we’re all required to slog our way through to get to where we really want to go. If you’re studying a Science or Tech program, you’ll still have to take some English courses to round out your education. But, why does it matter if you write well when your career doesn’t involve writing? Check out some of the reasons why those writing classes matter in the latest Student Life Blog!
The Writer's Block
If you’re a Penn Foster student stuck on a particularly difficult essay, not sure what topic to choose, or want to make sure your grammar is on point, this is the place for you! Penn Foster’s writing center, housed within the digital library, is devoted to supporting students as they develop critical thinking, reading and writing skills that are crucial to so many careers and industries. Check out what our tutors can help you with in the latest Student Life Blog post!

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