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Faculty Biography

Amy Fors

Instructor, Veterinary Academy

Associate in Veterinary Science Technology, State University of New York at Delhi
Licensed Veterinary Technician

What most excites you about joining the Penn Foster team?
The team! It's nice to feel like you become part of the "family" from day 1.

What are some recent things you did before joining the Penn Foster team? (e.g. career/education history)
Since graduating and being licensed (LVT) in 2014 I have worked in both corporate and family owned clinics. Penn Foster is quite the change of pace! I've recently moved to this area, I am originally from upstate NY.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I have 2 fur babies at home that I love spending time with. When not at home you can find me on the road, I love travelling and discovering new places especially parks and hiking areas!

What is your personal superpower?
Cat Whisperer

Fill in the blank: "I've never met a _______ I didn't like."
Puppy or kitten

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