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Every Girl's Voice - Israeli All Girls School uses Penn Foster High School Curriculum

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The Penn Foster System

Founded In 1890, the Penn Foster distance-learning system provides an alternative to the regular classroom model. A student takes a full high school curriculum-worth of classes (today, provided online), advancing at his own pace through exams and papers, which are graded by the Penn Foster staff. The on-site teacher guides the student through the curricular studies and is available for assistance. Students who complete the program which can take anywhere from two to four years depending on the pace at which the student chooses to work - graduate with an accredited high school diploma. Students must pass all exams to graduate. Penn Foster also offers similar programs for advanced degrees and vocational training. With many online educational programs to choose from, Rebecca explains her choice of the Penn Foster curriculum. 

"I chose Penn Foster because it was the most comprehensive. It was also the program that allowed for the most flexibility in terms of pace for each girl. The girls can choose the order of their studies - they can choose to finish all their math first or break it up with other subjects, or leave it all to the end. It's also very affirming for the girls because there's instant feedback. They submit an exam and receive their grades immediately. The fact that it's open book means that they have to understand the material, but they don't have to memorize pages of text that - realistically - they're likely to forget soon after anyway."

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