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Washburn 15-year-old graduates from high school in 1 year

Published by Cassville-Democrat.com

October 21, 2015

Aldridge: 'It was my decision'

Motivated 15-year-old Bailee Aldridge of Washburn is not the ordinary high school student.

In fact, she's no longer in high school -- she already graduated.

What takes most students four years to complete, Aldridge did in one year. The last year she attended public school was in eighth grade at Southwest schools.

"It was my decision," Aldridge said. "Three days before my freshman year was about to start, I went to my mom and said, I don't want to do the public school thing anymore because I had gotten really involved with my church and youth group and felt like I couldn't do that with so many negative influences at school and not many Christians to hang out and fellowship with. And that's a major part of going deeper into your faith, who you surround yourself with."

How did she do it?

"I went through an accredited online school at my own pace," Aldridge said. "I had to go to the public school to sign papers saying I was being pulled out and homeschooling, and the counselor told us about three programs. One of them we couldn't find online, another was really expensive, and then we saw Penn Foster. It was perfect because I got my diploma at the end, it was affordable and sounded like something I could do because it was all online and I didn't have to worry about going through the mail."

Her mother was supportive of the decision.

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