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By Alicia Rudd, Veterinary Technician

Published by Digital Brief

October 13, 2015

WHERE I WORK: Paws and Claws Animal Hospital & Pets at Peace in Home Hospice and Euthanasia, both in Wilmington, North Carolina

IF NOT A VETERINARY TECHNICIAN, I WOULD BE: I am a recent, proud, registered veterinary technician (2014) from Penn Foster College. For the past 25 years, I had the incredible pleasure of training and coordinating animals for movies, television, and advertising, but my passion and calling is veterinary medicine.

PATIENT THAT MADE ME LAUGH OR CRY: When I did my first externship, the very first patient the very first day was euthanized. I was so sad and wondered if I had chosen the best second career.

MY BOSS COULD MAKE MY JOB EASIER IF: My bosses already make my job easy. It is my job to make their job easier.

ON MY WISH LIST: I want to better myself as a technician and help our team continue to thrive. Another wish is bringing an animal health product we are designing to market in 2016.

MY PROFESSION AND PET OWNERSHIP: Serving animals and their pet parents is a blessing. The human–animal bond is one of amazing love. I am also a pet sitter and it is an honor and a responsibility that I take very seriously to look after people’s pets and homes.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: I sometimes get frustrated if I have an “off” day as a technician and have to remind myself that I am a recent graduate, a rookie, and it is OK.

WAYS VETERINARIANS COULD FOSTER BETTER WORKING RELATIONSHIPS WITH VETERINARY TECHNICIANS: My veterinarians treat us all In The Trenches like family. The only thing I can think of is suggesting they take more time off to be with their families.

DRAMATIC CHANGES I HAVE SEEN AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE: As a former professional animal trainer and owner of many pets, I have seen veterinary technology evolve so much in the past 25 years. Also, the veterinary technician plays a much more vital role now. In the next 10 years, I would like to see technicians making house calls for their veterinarians and administering prescribed treatments.

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