Penn Foster Acquires Competency-Based Tool to Help 150000 Adult Learners

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Penn Foster Acquires Competency-Based Tool to Help 150,000 Adult Learners

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December 2, 2015

READY FOR LIFE: Penn Foster Education Group, a Pennsylvania-based company that offers online programs for adult learners, has bought a competency-based platform developed by UniversityNow. Penn Foster, founded in 1890, claims that its whole student body—150,000 students—will use the new tool.

The platform will allow students to build career-ready skills through a personalized learning tool. "Competency-based is the currency of the education economy," said Dara Warn, Penn Foster’s Chief Strategy Officer.

According to Warn, the main goal of the platform is to build the bridge between students and employers. The tool will measure which relevant job skills each student has mastered. It will be used across all three of Penn Foster’s online schools—high school, career school and college.

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