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Penn Foster Celebrates 125 Years!

Celebrating 125 Years

Celebrate the 125th anniversary of Penn Foster

Penn Foster 125 anniversary
Dara Warn

"I am, as I was more than 30 years ago, privileged to contribute to a school that for 125 years has remained steadfast in its commitment to make a high quality and affordable education available to anyone who so desires it. Congratulations Penn Foster! Thank you for affording me the opportunity to play a small part in helping others advance their education and realize their dream for a better, more fulfilling life."

Mark Slayton
PF Employee for 25 years >

"Even though I've been here for less than a year, Penn Foster has already changed my life and improved my confidence and drive to do things. Thanks to their distance education program, I'm able to get my high school diploma, go to a college/university, and shape my future as I move forward into the world of adulthood."

Ryan Auerhan
High School Student >

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Penn Foster Meetup Detroit

Detroit, MI Student Meetup

Penn Foster students attend the Meetup in Detroit, MI and reflect on their experiences with the school and the Penn Foster community.

"I have been at Penn Foster for almost 26 years. I started right before we celebrated our 100th Anniversary! The business itself has changed a lot since I started working here, but our purpose is still the same... serving our students!!"

Valerie Gregory
PF Employee >

My History with Penn Foster

My History with Penn Foster

By Kris Boylan

My Penn Foster Story

My Penn Foster Story

By Janet Sexton

"I highly believe it was Penn Foster that helped me down the road to success, and I will never forget what that meant to me. I am so very proud to be Penn Foster graduate soon, and will always recommend this school to everyone. My success is also Penn Foster’s success."

Chasity Robinson
PF High School Graduate >

"Going to Penn Foster High School has been one of the greatest opportunities that has been available to me. By finishing, it has allowed to go to the college of my choice."

Kalthum Al-Haqq
PF High School Graduate >

"I was a high school dropout, and never in a million years did I think I would get a second chance. Penn Foster High School was there to give me that second chance. Now, I can look up at family and friends, and say that ‘I am a high school graduate..."

Michael Mclean
PF High School Graduate >

ICS US Marine Corps
Penn Foster Marketing and Payment Innovation
May 2015 All Student Meetup

May 2015 All Student Meetup

A recap by Student Ambassador Stacey Witkowski

My life at Penn Foster

Penn Foster's Effect On My Life

By Chris Poremba

Penn Foster Student Study App
Teacher Appreciation Week

"I am 53 years old. I registered for classes when I realized that if I wanted to compete with the "younger crowd" in my field, I needed to up my game. To do that, I needed to get a degree. Penn Foster College offered everything I needed, when I needed it, and at an affordable rate.

It's an incredible feeling to complete a test, course, semester, and see just how well I can do. I made the Dean's List for my last semester. My mom said she was proud of me, and at 87, wants to hang the list on her fridge. Thank you Penn Foster College, for being there when I needed you."

Anne Sewall
Penn Foster College Student >

Life Long Learner

Life Long Learner Awards

Rewarding our devoted students

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Womens Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences
Larry Ford

"As an athlete, school was very hard for me. Due to practices and competitions, it got to the point where I would fail classes because I was never there. Thanks to Penn Foster I will be graduating, and am now making better grades than I ever have before! Being a figure skater is hard work, but being able to start a life after I get my diploma will be the greatest feeling in the world!"

Faith Merrett
Penn Foster High School Student >

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"Penn Foster was my chance for the education that I so deeply wanted. I got my accredited high school diploma online through Penn Foster High School. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA on September 3rd of 2014 at the age of 23. I turned 24 on the 14th and enrolled in Penn Foster Career School for my Medical Administrative Assistant diploma on September 16th. I delivered our surprise baby Marley Roy, kiddo number six, on September 25th. Penn Foster gave me an opportunity that wasn't available for me anywhere else; an accredited, online, self-paced high school diploma!

It's now March of 2015 and I'm a mom, a wife, a high school graduate, a career school student, and a Penn Foster Student Ambassador. I plan on going to nursing school someday. My future is bright! I'm so thankful for Penn Foster and I'm looking forward to seeing other students feel the same success I have in achieving their educational goals. Thank you for the opportunity!"

Holly Mackenzie Cupp
PF High School Graduate >

Frank Britt
2014 SXSWedu

"My husband and I had an aha moment! He realized that he had taken a course from ICS many years ago. It was a surprising and touching moment to know that we both have attended the very same school at different times. It gives us a special connection that we didn't even know we had!"

Deborah Ivan
PF Vet Tech Student >

"What Penn Foster means to me is that I can still enjoy life and go to school. I can do what I want, when I want. This is something that can't be found easily elsewhere. I am so proud, blessed, and thankful to call myself a Penn Foster Student."

Silvia Coverson
PF Vet Tech Student >

Silvia - Penn Foster Vet Tech Student
2014 Dorsey School Graduation

Penn Foster + Dorsey Schools
2014 High School Graduation Ceremony

William Shatner
Penn Foster 1930 graduates

"I turned 50 in 2014. I have been a paralegal for 25 years. It was not my first choice, but I was a single parent and needed a steady job, steady income, and benefits. While I would never have traded the time with my son, I had always wanted to work with animals. So, I decided to go for it and started the Veterinary Assistant program and I couldn't be happier or more resolute for my future career! Thank you, Penn Foster, for helping my dream to come true!"

Ramona Mason
PF Vet Assistant Student

Eric Daniels - Penn Foster Youth Build Graduate

Meet Eric Daniels
Penn Foster YouthBuild Graduate

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Dejaniera Thomas 2013 Penn Foster graduate of the year
In 1910 Thomas Edison Authored an International Correspondence School Course
In 2014 Penn Foster High School Celebrated their largets Graduating class yet of 20000 graduates.
Penn Foster Student Meetup 2014
In 2006 ICS became Penn Foster Career School
Thomas Foster Penn Foster Founder

"I have been at Penn Foster for almost 26yrs... I started right before we had our 100th Anniversary! The business itself has changed a lot since I started working here but the reason for what we do is still the same... the students!"

Valerie Gregory
PF Employee for 26 years

Tiffany Brown 2014 DETC Student of the Year
In 1980 ICS Introduces courses in computer programing along with computer based training and video supplements.
Penn Foster works with 73 Job Corps locations across the US and has graduated over 35000 students.

Penn Foster + Job Corps

Providing Education & Career Training

Denis Richardson Penn Foster High School Graduate.

"Just look at yourself in the mirror one morning and say, 'I am that person I know I can be,' and take that first step towards your brighter future; because you are your greatest investment. I'm grateful to all the staff at Penn Foster for giving me that second chance and allowing me to move forward in life."

Dennis Richardson
PFHS Graduate >

Penn foster High School Facts.
Scranton Pennsylvania Coal Miners

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Nikkayla Gentry Penn Foster High School Graduate.

"I raised myself from 11 to now. I don't want to be like my past. I want to do something better. I want to leave a mark. I had to get a high school diploma. That's what made me go back."

NIkkaya Gentry
PFHS Graduate >

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