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Here's What Our Graduates Are Saying

Going to Penn Foster High School has been one of the greatest opportunities that has happened to me. By finishing, it has allowed me to go to the college of my choice.
Kulthum A.
Penn Foster High School Graduate
You simply cannot beat the price Penn Foster offers for a quality education.
Ashley F.
Penn Foster High School Graduate
I am 48 years old and I’m so happy to have discovered Penn Foster. I was able to complete my high school requirements at my own pace.
La`Shea J.
Penn Foster High School Graduate
I am happy that Penn Foster was there to give me a second chance. Now I can look up at family and friends and say that I am a High School graduate.
Michael M.
Penn Foster High School Graduate
I am ever so grateful for the student community and how welcoming and loving it is. I feel more connected to my peers than I ever did at any public school that I have attended.
Ashley Kay B.
Penn Foster High School Graduate
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