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puppy examined by vet technicians.
In your two required externships at Penn Foster, you’ll have the opportunity to work with vet techs and veterinarians to help animals while completing skills and practicing what you know in the real world. But what happens after the externship, besides finishing your degree and graduating? Can an externship turn into a paying job? We spoke with Megan Chadwick, Director of Penn Foster’s Veterinary Academy, to get some advice on how to turn your externship into a job offer.
care giver helping older man.
Being a personal caregiver can be a difficult job, whether you’re taking care of an ill or elderly friend or family member, or you’re pursuing a career in the field. It’s also a rewarding one! If you’re interested in making a difference in someone’s life and ensuring that they are well-taken care of, here’s what you need to know about taking the first steps toward becoming an in-home caregiver.
Man standing on sidewalk using weed whacker.
Having a nice yard is a key part of maintaining a beautiful home or business. It’s also not an easy or quick task, so many people look to landscapers to help create and maintain this prominent property feature. If you’re someone with a good eye for details, love the outdoors, and don’t mind getting a little dirty, you might want to consider starting your own landscaping business.
An optician at work.
Becoming a certified optician is an ideal career path for someone who is compassionate, detail-oriented, and has a strong desire to help others. And with over 69,000 jobs available currently in the U.S., employers are seeking candidates like you who want to make a direct impact on people’s quality of health. But while you know you want to enter the medical field and become an optician, you may be unsure of how exactly to get there. Though there might not be a direct route for entering this career path, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. There are several things you should look for when considering enrolling in an optician school. Here’s how you know that you’ve found the right option for you.
Two electricians at work.
A career as a residential electrician can be extremely rewarding for someone who enjoys problem-solving, is an effective multitasker, and enjoys doing something new every day. While the core nature of the job has mostly remained the same, the technology and equipment have adapted over time, and today’s residential electricians have their own unique needs and challenges. In an industry that is quickly growing and changing, how do you make sure you have the skills you need to succeed? Here are some things to consider so you can ensure you’re well equipped to be an effective residential electrician from day one.

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