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In today’s job market, we know that having employer-recognized, career-aligned education and training is one of your top priorities. Understanding what companies look for lets us help you find a job that not only fits your interests, but that’s in-demand, so you’re confident putting your time and energy into online education. At Penn Foster, we update existing programs and develop new ones where we can better help you build the skills you need to apply for these jobs. Here’s how we approach these changes to make sure our programs help meet your goals!
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Medical billing and coding is a stable, in-demand job that can be perfect for those who enjoy working in an office setting with the potential to work remotely. As a medical coder, you’ll play a vital role in healthcare, ensuring patients are billed accurately and insurance claims are filed appropriately. But what does it take to become a medical coder? What’s the salary like? Learn everything you need to know in our comprehensive guide to becoming a medical billing and coding professional.
Working as a Veterinary Practice Manager.
Instead of being the one who actually sets broken bones and treats Fido’s sour stomach, you can help the veterinarians focus on their patients by handling leadership and administrative tasks as the Veterinary Practice Manager. You’ll get to help keep animals healthy, but you’ll do it without getting your hands (quite so) dirty. To get the most out of this growing career field, you’ll want to start working toward a veterinary practice management certificate as soon as possible.
All throughout March, we’re celebrating women who have emerged as leaders of their community, but the fact is that while women make up 47 percent of all jobs in the United States, we only account for 24 percent of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Here’s what Penn Foster is doing to help flip that narrative.
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It’s no secret: the medical field is growing and in need of more skilled workers. This is a great advantage for people interested in work that helps others with a bright career outlook. Medical assistants are needed in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, physician’s practices, nursing homes, clinics, chiropractic offices, laboratories, and more. With 18% more medical assistant jobs projected until 2030 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many are looking to hop on the Allied Health train and establish themselves in the field. Interested? Let’s dive into what medical assistants do from day-to-day and see what types of people do best in this line of work.

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