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10 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician.
Becoming a pharmacy technician offers a lot of benefits! Besides joining a rewarding industry, here are 10 reasons to consider becoming a pharmacy tech today. 
certified wedding planner infographic
The flowers, the lighting, the table settings – there’s nothing quite like a beautifully designed wedding. Now imagine a career that allows you to create these fairy tale weddings year-round. As a certified wedding planner, you’ll play a key role in your clients’ lives as you work to make their big day one they’ll never forget. If you’re still considering if becoming a wedding planner is the right career move for you, check out these 10 reasons that a job in this field could be the one!
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Graduation season is in full swing, which means it’s a great time to celebrate all you’ve achieved over the last few months and years. Check out how you can show off all your accomplishments to the entire Penn Foster Community and social media.
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Applying for college while in high school can seem confusing and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the advice of a guidance counselor or you’re the first person in your family to consider earning a degree. You may even be uncertain whether you can go to college if you’re doing online high school or are finishing your high school diploma as an adult. But just like it’s never too late to earn your diploma and finish what you started, it’s never too late or impossible to get into college and work towards an associate or bachelor’s degree.
Two women wearing yellow doing raised arm side planks on a bridge outside.
The past few years have seen us face many changes and experiences. Some were very positive, such as finding new hobbies and taking the time to take better care of ourselves. We spent time exercising, both for our physical and mental health, and preparing more meals for ourselves since there were fewer alternatives. If you’re someone who took on these new challenges and have found continued enjoyment in them, you may want to consider turning fitness and nutrition into your job. Check out some of our favorite careers below.

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