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Our graduates share their Penn Foster reviews

We love to hear from our graduates. Take a look at the reviews from our High School, Career School, and College graduates, as they share how their Penn Foster education helped get them on the path to career success.

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"Without online education and Penn Foster College, I would not be where I am today."

Heather Geyer
Vet Tech >

Heather Geyer Vet Tech graduate

2016 Penn Foster High School Graduate Reviews

We spoke with several Penn Foster High School graduates from the class of 2016 and the class of 2015 to hear about their learning experience, why they chose an online high school, and why they would recommend Penn Foster.

"Thanks to Penn Foster I was able to get a job in one of the biggest and most respected international finance managing companies in the world. Thank you Penn Foster for giving me the opportunity to show the world that I am worth it! The feeling that I have now that I am an accomplished professional is the best reward I could ever ask for."

Ivelina Zhecheva
Business Management >

Graduate with diploma
92% of all graduates would recommend Penn Foster to a friend.

Penn Foster Graduates Share Their Sucess Stories

We interviewed nine Penn Foster graduates. Learn about their personal journeys, where they are now, and how Penn Foster helped them achieve their career goals!

"I failed the NCLE twice before I took refresh courses via Penn Foster. Those materials such as the contact lenses book helped me a lot to pass the NCLE. Now that I passed the state exam in Sept. 2014, I'm earning $30 an hour. I really want to thank you all at Penn Foster for supporting me."

Robert Dunn
Optician >

Over 10,000 Career School graduates in 2015.
Penn Foster graduate with family.

"I could work during the day and go to school on my own time. I also didn't have to worry about coming up with crazy amounts of money because they had such an easy payment plan that was manageable. My work helped pay for my schooling and once I got my associates I became more of an asset to them. I am now an accounting supervisor. Thank you Penn Foster for changing my life."

Ashley Arrabal
Business Management >

Ashley Arrabal Business Management graduate.

Giovanni Bovenzi

Meet Giovanni Bovenzi, a 2015 Penn Foster High School graduate. Giovanni describes what he loved about Penn Foster and why he recommends the High School program to everyone!

20,000+ Penn Foster High School graduates in 2014
25,000+ Penn Foster High School graduates in 2015

"I chose Paralegal Studies as my main focus of study because I have always been interrested in Law. Penn Foster gives me the chance to receive a good education at an affordable cost and with the bonus of a flexible schedule. I just recently got a job in my field so once I actually finish my degree, I plan on being able to move up in the company that I am working with."

Jena Pascarella
Paralegal >

Ophelia Coates

Meet Ophelia Coates, a 2015 Career School graduate from the ABC® Certified Wedding Planner program. Ophelia discusses why she enrolled in Penn Foster’s Wedding Planner program and how it’s helped her take her career goals one step further.

"With four children and a full-time job, it was impossible for me to even consider attending school full time. Once my employer saw my textbooks and learned that the Penn Foster College Veterinary Technician Program was accredited by the AVMA, he offered to help me pay my tuition. I was able to work on my homework, take exams, and write reports when it was convenient for me. As I've acquired new skills through Penn Foster College, I've received positive feedback and pay increases."

Jodi Sherman
Vet Tech >

Jodi Sherman Vet Tech graduate

"Not only did I receive my Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma in less than a year, but I just received a job offer from Rite Aid Pharmacy for a Pharmacy Cashier position. I only graduated my program 9 days ago! Plus, it's a pay increase over my current pay rate. Enrolling at Penn Foster Career School is the best decision I ever made."

Amanda Adams
Pharmacy Tech >

86% of all graduates felt very or well-prepared for their job.
Group of Penn Foster students at graduation.

Ashley Arrabal

Meet Ashley, winner of the 2014 Penn Foster Graduate of the Year Contest. The Penn Foster Community team celebrated with Ashley's friends and family in Key Largo, Florida. Find out what makes Ashley so special and deserving of this award, and learn more about how you can be our next Graduate of the Year!

"My experience with Penn Foster was amazing. Right from the start, I found the school to be extremelly supportive. I studied and took the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam in May 2013, and passed that exam on the first try. After receiving documentation in July 2013, I began looking for a job in August and got hired in November 2013. Penn Foster continues to inspire me to do more and grow further in this industry."

Susan Ruiz
Pharmacy Tech >

Matthew Fowler

Learn how Penn Foster High School helped Matthew succeed!

Alicia Rudd

Find out why Alicia loves Penn Foster College! Hear her story.

"I have always wanted to be in the Veterinary field. This was a dream of mine from grade school. I found out Penn Foster was AVMA accredited, was financially easier than community college, and was the perfect fit for me! Five years later, through this program I have gained confidence and found my voice to achieve my goals. I found what it is like to love what you do, and if you love what y ou do it is never work! I finally have a career, and not just a job."

Amanda Fraley
Vet Tech >

"Because of the Administrative Assistant career diploma I earned from Penn Foster Career School, I was able to become the interim Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. I also received a pay increase. This promotional apportunity has given me more responsibility and more respect."

Mary Thorne
Administrative Assistant >

Penn Foster graduate with family.
94% satisfaction rate of all graduates.

Jess Douthat

Meet Veterinary Technician graduate Jessica Douthat, and learn how Penn Foster's Veterinary Academy helped her learn the hands-on skills that her job requires — all on her own time and at her own pace.

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