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Our graduates share their Penn Foster reviews

We love to hear from our graduates. Take a look at the reviews from our High School, Career School, and College graduates, as they share how their Penn Foster education helped get them on the path to career success.

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We are career confident. We are #PFProud.

"Penn Foster offers an opportunity to achieve an education in a wide variety of careers. They give you exactly what they say they will, a career."

Tammy C.
Veterinary Technician Graduate >

2016 Penn Foster High School Graduate Reviews

We spoke with several Penn Foster High School graduates from the class of 2016 and the class of 2015 to hear about their learning experience, why they chose an online high school, and why they would recommend Penn Foster.

"It feels great to be a Penn Foster graduate. I love recommending Penn Foster when I can because it is a path for someone to have a great career and stay out of debt."

Carrie L.
Penn Foster Graduate >

Graduate with diploma
96% of all graduates would recommend Penn Foster to a friend.

Penn Foster Graduates Share Their Sucess Stories

We interviewed nine Penn Foster graduates. Learn about their personal journeys, where they are now, and how Penn Foster helped them achieve their career goals!

"I failed the NCLE twice before I took refresh courses via Penn Foster. Those materials such as the contact lenses book helped me a lot to pass the NCLE. Now that I passed the state exam in Sept. 2014, I'm earning $30 an hour. I really want to thank you all at Penn Foster for supporting me."

Robert Dunn
Optician >

Over 40,000+ graduates in 2018.
Penn Foster graduate

"The advantage for me was that I could study on my time and still work and support my family. I could still spend time with my kids and get my education at the same time."

Myron W.
Paralegal Studies Graduate >

29K+ High School graduates in 2018
97% of graduates are satisfied with their education

Jess Douthat

Meet Veterinary Technician graduate Jessica Douthat, and learn how Penn Foster's Veterinary Academy helped her learn the hands-on skills that her job requires — all on her own time and at her own pace.

Omar Haughton

Meet 2016 Penn Foster Graduate of the Year!

"Penn Foster gave my the confidence and knowledge to seamlessly step into my role as an educator, surgery technician and manager."

Nicole L.
Veterinary Technician Graduate >

"I decided to enroll with Penn Foster because I loved that I could go at my own pace and also the tuition was affordable and perfect for my budget."

Christi G.
Pharmacy Technician Graduate >

"Penn Foster provided me with the resources, knowledge, and confidence I needed to pursue my career."

Haleema N.
Penn Foster Graduate >

Over 10,000 Career School graduates in 2018
Group of Penn Foster students at graduation.

Matthew Fowler

Learn how Penn Foster High School helped Matthew succeed!

"The in-depth knowledge I gained prepared me to succeed in my current position."

Meg S.
Pharmacy Technician Graduate >

"Penn Foster allowed me to get the schooling I needed and work full time at the hospital and directly apply what I was learning."

Ruth U.
Veterinary Technician Graduate >

Elizabeth Exline

Elizabeth Exline is not just a Penn Foster Veterinary Technician graduate - she is also the DEAC’s 2016 Outstanding Graduate of the Year! Hear about Elizabeth’s experience with Penn Foster, and learn how she was able to gain practical skills that she uses in her career.

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¹ Statistics are from our 2018 Alumni Benchmark survey.
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