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Whether you want to prepare for higher education or boost your career, our high school, college, and career training programs can help make it possible. Keep moving forward with full control of your learning schedule, and low-cost tuition with 0% interest payment plans. But don't take it from us: Hear from real students and graduates who have gained success through a Penn Foster education.

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Jackie S.

Landscaping Technology Graduate, 2023

“When my husband and I launched our landscaping business, I mainly managed the office needs and the backend areas of the business. Since completing the program, I am able to discuss a lot of options with customers and ask specific questions to our suppliers (hardscape & nursery), when looking for something specific for a customer. It has been a total game changer.”

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Jessica S.

Dental Assistant Graduate, 2023

“A lot of trials and tribulations happened that made me push schooling off “just a little bit longer” but I am so proud to finally say that I have FINISHED the program and am so beyond proud of myself! If it wasn’t for Penn Fosters at your own pace program and ability to extend your schooling, I’d have never finished and had to start all over. I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to say that I am a Penn Foster grad!”

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Taneisha M.

High School Graduate, 2023

“Earning an education with Penn Foster has meant the world to me. My children got to see that I never gave up, I worked hard, and I succeeded. Now they get to see me start a career and be a great role model to them! My father is so proud of me, he got to see me graduate.”

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Cailin Z.

Wildlife/Forestry Conservation Graduate, 2023

“Penn Foster has shown me that I can do things my own way and that I do not have to follow a certain 'path' that everyone else is on or expects me to follow. Penn Foster has allowed me to achieve my dreams in a way that I want to, that works best for me, and that allows me to do so without sacrificing my mental health or personal needs.”

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Kacee C.

Veterinary Practice Management Graduate, 2023

“Earning my veterinary practice management certificate helped me overcome my imposter syndrome at work. It was such a sense of pride and accomplishment when my children celebrated my certification completion alongside me.”

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Kayla C.

Pet Grooming Graduate, 2023

“I was hired by a local grooming shop and fell in love working with the dogs. The opportunity to become a groomer arose after being there a short while and I started the certification course online at Penn Foster in December. I recently just finished it on the last day of February. I absolutely loved the course, it was so easy to navigate and so intriguing with every chapter. I was never left in the dark.”

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