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High School Diploma with Electrical Career Pathway

Get started on a career as an electrician while you earn your high school diploma online. Earning your High School Diploma with an Electrical Career Pathway can help you explore a career as an electrician, and learn the basics of becoming a residential electrician. Your electrical electives can also transfer into Penn Foster Career School’s Residential Electrician Career Diploma!
Did you know that electrician jobs are expected to increase 14% in the coming years, and that electricians earn an average salary of $51,880?¹


Electrical 1
In this course, you’ll learn best practices for the apprentice electrician.
Electrical 2
Learn about electrical components, conductors, conduit, and wiring.
Electrical 3
In this course, you’ll learn about heating and climate control. You’ll also study the function of various electrical components and learn how to work with various types of electrical systems.
Electrical 4
This course will teach you how to interpret blueprints and schematic diagrams.
Electrical 5
This course provides in-depth coverage of all the essential elements of the National Electrical Code® including terminology, structure, and specific applications and interpretations.


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