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High School Diploma with Plumbing Career Pathway

Take the first step toward a career in plumbing while you earn your high school diploma online with Penn Foster High School. Earning your regionally and nationally accredited high school diploma with a plumbing career pathway can teach you the basics in plumbing to help you take the first step on your career path. Your electives can also transfer to Penn Foster Career School’s Plumber Career Diploma program.
Did you know that plumbing jobs are expected to increase 12% in the coming years, and that plumbers earn an average salary of $50,620?¹


Plumbing 1
Learn the safe working habits that all plumbers must follow, as well as the tools used by plumbers.
Plumbing 2
Learn to design plumbing systems that are easily serviced and plan plumbing systems to save materials.
Plumbing 3
Learn the math you’ll need to be a plumber. Solve simple plumbing problems by using formulas and equations.
Plumbing 4
Learn about the work plumbers perform when installing heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems. Study the construction and operation of a simple septic system.
Plumbing 5
Learn about the functioning of a residential plumbing system. Study common plumbing and carpentry tools you’ll use as a plumber.


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