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High School Diploma with Culinary Arts Professional Career Pathway

Take the first steps towards a career in the culinary industry while you earn your high school diploma online with Penn Foster High School. Our Culinary Arts Career Pathway program can help you explore a career as a chef while getting a head start on learning the basics of the culinary industry. Plus, your concentration electives in the High School Diploma with Culinary Arts Career Pathway program are transferable to the Penn Foster Catering Career Diploma program.
Did you know that chef and head cook jobs are expected to increase 9% in the coming years, and that chefs earn an average salary of $41,500?¹


Culinary Arts 1
In this course, you'll learn about the ideal layout and design of a gourmet kitchen. You’ll caramelize onions to create a caramelized onion frittata and sear beef with arugula and onions to create delicious dishes.
Culinary Arts 2
This course teaches the fundamental recipes for making stocks, sauces, and soups, and subtle nuances of flavor and texture. It also covers the essentials about fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as the primary cooking methods.
Culinary Arts 3
Learn to cook delicious recipes for beef, veal, lamb, and pork.
Culinary Arts 4
Learn how to add variety to your diet by preparing different cuts of poultry and cooking it using various methods, as well as alternative recipes and presentation options.
Culinary Arts 5
Learn to take advantage of the wealth of available fish and shellfish by experimenting with the many available preparation techniques to create light, healthful fish and shellfish dishes.


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