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High School Diploma with Information Technology

Start working towards a career in information technology while you earn your high school diploma online. Our High School Diploma with a Career Pathway in Information Technology offers information technology electives that can help you explore a career in IT, and give you a head start on learning the basics. Your electives can also transfer into an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems at Penn Foster College or technology career diploma programs at Penn Foster Career School.
Did you know that computer support jobs are expected to increase 12% in the coming years, and that computer support specialists earn an average salary of $51,470?¹


Computer Applications
This course will teach you the basics of Microsoft® Word,™ Microsoft® Excel,® and Microsoft® PowerPoint.®
Advanced PC Applications
In this course, you’ll explore the possibilities of combining the capabilities of Word,™ Excel,® and Access.®
Introduction to Programming
In this course, you’ll learn the basics of computer programming and logic.
HTML Coding
This course will help you understand and learn HTML so you can create and post your own web pages.
Introduction to Database Technology
In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of what a database is and what goes into creating and maintaining one.

¹ http://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/computer-support-specialists.htm

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