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Pharmacy Tech Career Pathway

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High School Diploma with Pharmacy Technician Career Pathway

Take the first steps towards a career as a pharmacy technician while you earn your high school diploma online with Penn Foster High School. Our Pharmacy Technician Career Pathway program allows you to work toward a diploma or degree to help you on your path to working in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of your concentration electives in the High School Diploma with Pharmacy Technician program may be transferable to the Penn Foster Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma program.
Did you know that pharmacy technician jobs are expected to rise at a faster-than-average rate in the coming years?¹


Pharmacy Technician 1
Learn about the policies and procedures related to pharmacy operations in both community and institutional pharmacies.
Pharmacy Technician 2
Learn about the reference material most often used by pharmacy professionals as well as the skills you’ll need to gain a more complete understanding of the prescriptions you will be dispensing.
Pharmacy Technician 3
Learn algebraic concepts, review important arithmetic concepts, and find out how you’ll use math in pharmacy practice.
Pharmacy Technician 4
Learn about pharmaceutical compounding, including the dispensing of solid dosage forms, tablet and capsule dispensing, capsule packing from bulk powder, and the preparation and dispensing of liquid dose forms for oral administration.
Pharmacy Technician 5
Learn the medical terminology that you’ll encounter as a pharmacy technician and expand your understanding by studying the anatomy, pathology, procedures, and abbreviations associated with the different body systems.

¹ http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/pharmacy-technicians.htm.

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