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Program Details

Online Appliance Repair Course Details

Penn Foster Career School’s online Appliance Repair training program consists of six units of study to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant to the field. Appliance repair classes will cover topics such as electric appliance tools and testers, cooking appliances and small appliances, electric dryers, dishwashers and disposals, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Courses will also include lessons on starting your own repair business!

Program Goal and Outcomes

Program Goal

To prepare students to gain entry-level employment repairing, adjusting, and installing appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ranges.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...
  • Name the various hand and power tools you'll use when working with appliances, and describe the safe work practices that must be observed
  • Explain how to perform tests on appliances using electronic measuring and diagnostic devices, such as a multimeter, amp-clamp, or oscilloscope
  • Identify the basic concepts, terminology, and applications relating to electricity, including the components and operation of electronic circuits
  • Describe how electricity can be controlled to provide switching and motion in various appliance components, including solenoids, relays, and motors
  • Identify the components and operation of commonly used small electrical appliances, and define the proper troubleshooting and repair procedures
  • List the steps for troubleshooting and repairing common power tools, including drills, saws, sanders, and air compressors
  • Identify the components and operation of major electrical appliances, including ranges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, compactors, and disposals, and describe the proper troubleshooting and repair procedures. Explain how the various voltage combinations required are derived
  • Describe the operation of microwaves, and list typical safety. troubleshooting and repair procedures
  • Identify the components and operation of HVACR free-standing units and systems, including refrigerators and air conditioners, and comprehend procedures for troubleshooting, testing, and maintaining HVACR systems
  • Recognize the work habits and characteristics demonstrated by successful technicians, including how to build relationships with customers and peers
  • Recognize the proper procedures for providing cost estimates and billing for repair work. Understand how to provide for profit with repair estimates
  • List several employment possibilities in the appliance servicing field, and describe how to start your own business

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Electric Appliance Tools and Testers


  • Understand the fundamentals of appliance repair and safety.
  • Identify appliance repair tools and testers.

Testing Electric Appliances


  • Test and troubleshoot appliance circuits to familiarize yourself with electricity.
Solenoids, Relays, and Motors


  • Identify the components of a solenoid.
  • Understand split-phase motors, capacitor-start motors, and permanent magnetic DC motors.
Additional Unit Material

Supplement: How Appliances Are Changing

Electric Heating Appliances and Fans


  • Work with line cords and plugs.
  • Learn about working with electric clothes-pressing irons, electric room heaters, ceiling fans, and power ventilators.
Cooking Appliances


  • Work with coffee-making appliances and miscellaneous cooking appliances.
  • Repair table ovens.
Motor-Driven Small Appliances


  • Explore gear drive systems and appliances with reciprocating motion.
  • Troubleshoot and repair wet/dry vacuums and wet carpet cleaners.
Electric Power Tools


  • Identify and repair the many kinds of drills and power drivers.
  • Repair saws, routers, sanders, and air compressors.
Additional Unit Material

Supplement: Lawn and Garden Equipment

Electric Ranges and Water Heaters


  • Troubleshoot and repair electric ranges, stand-alone ovens, and electric water heaters.
Electric Washing Machines


  • Learn about electric washing machine parts and circuits.
  • Troubleshoot and repair washing machines.
Electric Clothes Dryers, Dishwashers, Compactors, and Disposals


  • Identify the different types of electric clothes dryer construction.
  • Troubleshoot dryer failures.
  • Repair dishwashers, trash compactors, and garbage disposals.
Special Shipment

Digital Multimeter
Multimeter Operation Manual

Shipped separately when you complete the appropriate exam.

Microwave Ovens, Part 1


  • Learn about the components, circuits, and operation of microwave ovens.
Microwave Ovens, Part 2


  • Troubleshoot, repair, and test microwave ovens.
Additional Unit Material

Supplement: Cordless Appliances

Electric Refrigeration


  • Identify the parts of electric refrigerators and domestic freezers.
  • Test and service the mechanical parts of refrigeration systems.
Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, and Air Cleaners


  • Describe the operating principles and components of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and heat pumps.
  • Test and troubleshoot air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and heat pumps.
Your Career in Appliance Repair


  • Identify the work habits that you’ll need as a professional technician.
  • Learn how to start your own business.
Additional Unit Materials

Supplement: Starting a Mobile Business

When you graduate, you'll receive...

(Sent to you when all program requirements and financial obligations have been met.)

AC Amp-Clamp
Amp-Clamp Instruction Manual

Additional Details

Licensing and/or certification requirements for jobs in this field are not the same in every state and may include educational, testing, and/or experiential requirements beyond those offered in the Penn Foster Program. Prospective students should contact the state professional licensing board or similar regulatory body in the state(s) where they plan to work to determine their requirements before enrolling in this Program. Click here for contact information for state licensing/regulatory boards and certain industry licensing information. This is particularly important for residents of California and Florida.
Students enrolled in the Appliance Repair Training Program are eligible to participate in the Snap-on Student Excellence Program. This program allows students in trades and technology education programs to purchase high-quality Snap-on tools at a preferred student discount. Some restrictions may apply for total purchase and quantities of certain items. Click here to see the new Snap-on Catalog.

Penn Foster Career School Accreditation & Licensing Details

Penn Foster has been accredited for over 50 years. Penn Foster Career School has been thoroughly reviewed and has earned several important accreditations, certifications, and licensing. Most importantly, Penn Foster Career School is both regionally and nationally accredited.

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Sample Appliance Repair Lesson

Penn Foster courses are written in a way that is easy to understand, and materials are broken down into manageable lessons. Take a look at what an Appliance Repair course would look like.
Sample Appliance Repair Lesson
Computer Specifications
As you know this is an online academic program. This means you will need high-speed internet access to begin your program. In addition, you will need access to a Microsoft® Windows® based computer running Windows 7® or later or an Apple® Mac® computer running OS X® or later, and an email account to participate in and complete your program.
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