Program Goals and Outcomes

Diesel Mechanic Training Goals and Outcomes

The online diesel mechanic training program can help students prepare for a career as a diesel mechanic or service technician in automobile, truck, and bus servicing; industrial or government fleet servicing, manufacturers, and repair shops or service stations.

Diesel Mechanics/Heavy Truck Maintenance

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Program Goal

To provide students with knowledge of skills ranging from basic diesel engine operations to troubleshooting and repair. Students will learn how to maintain and do repairs on their own trucks, work for a truck fleet or dealership, or start a full- or part-time business.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Recognize the role of a diesel repair technician and the many exciting career opportunities available to skilled technicians
  • Identify common tools and shop safety procedures used in the repair of heavy-duty vehicles
  • Understand the basic operation of a diesel engine and its major components
  • Describe the operation of the cooling and lubrication systems of a typical diesel engine
  • Identify the various procedures used in the inspection and rebuilding of a typical diesel engine
  • Explain the operation of a mechanical fuel injection system, the fuel-delivery system, as well as the properties of the various types of diesel fuels
  • Recognize the basics of electrical and electronic engine control systems
  • Recognize the basic operation and repair of heavy-duty truck steering and suspension systems, along with service and repair of vehicle wheels and tires
  • Identify the operation of hydraulic and pneumatic braking devices and control systems, the interpretation of fault-indication messages, and the troubleshooting of brake system problems
  • Describe the operation and repair procedures for common heavy-duty truck drivelines, automatic transmissions, and manual transmissions and clutch systems
  • Recognize the function and operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems used on heavy-duty trucks
  • Explain the basic theory and repair of various electrical systems, including the battery, charging system, starting system, and lighting systems
  • Identify the safety practices and maintenance procedures for truck and trailer systems


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