Program Goals and Outcomes

Motorcycle Repair Program Goals and Outcomes

The online motorcycle repair program can help prepare students to take the next step towards a career as a mechanic in repair shops, dealerships, and more.

Motorcycle Repair Technician

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Program Goal

To prepare students to gain entry-level employment as motorcycle repair technicians by studying the components, systems, and troubleshooting procedures used in the motorcycle and ATV industry.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • List and describe the employment opportunities available in the motorcycle industry
  • Identify the different types of motorcycles and ATVs, and define the uses and advantages of each type
  • Name the various hand, power, and specialized tools you'll use when working with motorcycles and ATVs, and describe the safe work practices that must be observed
  • Identify the different types of motorcycle and ATV engine designs and configurations, including how manufacturers determine engine sizes and power ratings
  • List the major components and engine configurations of two-and four-stroke engines
  • Understand the theory behind the operation of motorcycle and ATV engines, including two- and four-stroke engines
  • Identify the types of lubricants and lubrication systems used in motorcycles and ATVs
  • Name the components of motorcycle cooling systems, and describe how they work
  • Identify fuel and carburetion systems, including various fuel delivery and fuel injection systems
  • Identify the transmissions and related components used in motorcycle and ATV engines, including the different gears, drive systems, and clutch types
  • Name the procedures used to disassemble and assemble motorcycle two- and four-stroke engines, including the necessary preliminary steps and inspection process
  • List the steps required to remove an engine from a chassis and install an engine into a chassis
  • Describe the basics of electricity, including how it works and how it's measured
  • Identify the different types of charging systems found on motorcycles and ATVs, and describe the operation and steps required for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Identify the components and operation of ignition and electric starter systems
  • Name the different frame designs and suspension systems used by motorcycle and ATV manufacturers
  • Identify the different brake systems and brake system components used on motorcycles and ATVs, and describe how to perform maintenance
  • Recognize how to perform frame, wheel, and suspension system inspections and alignment procedures
  • Recognize how to perform engine, emission system, and chassis maintenance procedures
  • Identify how to diagnose and troubleshoot motorcycle and ATV problems, including engine, exhaust, ignition, electrical, and chassis problems

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