Program Goals and Outcomes

Property Management Certificate Goals and Outcomes

The online Property Management Certificate can help prepare students with a background in real estate or business supplement their current knowledge or act as professional enrichment to strengthen resume credentials.

Property Management


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Program Goal

The Property Management Career Certificate program provides students with an understanding of property management and may help those in the real estate field advance in their careers.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Understand the duties of a property manager, what types of properties use management services, and the qualities necessary for a property manager
  • Identify the different types of business ownership; understand the principles of business ethics and economics, including the concept of supply and demand
  • Understand the basics of building maintenance, including issues related to lighting for aesthetics and safety, HVAC systems, plumbing, and safety systems such as smoke alarms and sprinklers
  • Explain how to establish and maintain successful relationships with tenants through communication and understanding of tenant needs
  • Understand important accounting principles and concepts, including periodic and perpetual inventory systems, cash and accounts receivable, financial statements, and long-term assets and debt on the balance sheet; estimate a property’s financial performance and valuation
  • Identify the types of deeds and their content; interpret real estate descriptions in deeds; define encumbrances, easements, and licenses
  • Recognize effective management strategies for commercial, multifamily, and single family rentals, including how to advertise, evaluate credit reports, and schedule turnovers to minimize downtime between tenants
  • Identify everyday challenges of community association management; list several different types of tenant associations
  • Identify the key points that make an office building attractive to tenants and profitable for owners; determine whether a property maintains proper cash flow and if it’s a worthy investment
  • Demonstrate computer literacy using office software
  • List the various types of insurance coverage
  • Identify protected classes of people on a federal and municipal level and differentiate between properties that are bound by and those that are exempted from fair-housing law
  • Understand how to determine if a property needs a risk-management audit and how to shift risk liability to a third party using insurance and other methods

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