Program Goals and Outcomes

Dressmaking Program Goals and Outcomes

The online dressmaking and design program can prepare students for jobs as tailors, custom sewers, or designers through flexible classes covering sewing basics, how to use a sewing machine, and more. Graduates will have completed an entire garment and portfolio, which can be used when applying for jobs or consulting with clients.

Dressmaking and Design

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Program Goal

The program goal for Penn Foster's Dressmaking and Design program is to prepare students to create professional-grade garments from customized patterns using hand- and machine-sewing techniques in order to work as a dressmaker.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Identify basic sewing tools and how they're properly used to cut, pin, press, and hand-sew knits and woven fabrics.
  • Recognize the parts of a standard sewing machine and techniques for its threading, use, and proper maintenance.
  • Identify the characteristics and properties of common fabrics and the fibers from which they're made, including details on care, cleaning, and how to handle these fabrics when sewing.
  • Estimate the amount of fabric needed for a garment and handle, press, and tack fabric properly while constructing the garment.
  • Choose and correctly use various styles of seams, pockets, necklines, sleeves, and shoulder pads for a garment based on the garment's style and intended wear.
  • Choose and construct flourishes such as collars, fasteners, cuffs, buttonholes, waist finishes, and interfacing for a garment based on the garment's style and intended wear.
  • Recognize different body types and the colors, lengths, silhouettes, and styles used to create a finished product that will flatter the wearer's individual shape.
  • Comprehend the components and construction techniques for specialty garments related to maternity wear, infants' and children's clothes, nighttime wear, and undergarments.
  • Identify types of and uses for decorative elements such as hand-sewn embroidery, ruffles, pleats, and decorative fastenings.
  • Measure a wearer in order to choose the right size pattern for a project, alter a pattern to fit the individual's shape and preferences, transfer the pattern to the chosen fabric, and continue to alter for proper fit as the garment is constructed.
  • Comprehend the basic principles of draping fabric in order to create decorative flourishes, enhance the fit of skirts and bodices, and sew a variety of sleeve styles.
  • Recognize the details of successfully managing a home business, including how to purchase professional sewing items, appropriately register a home as a place of business, price finished products, and use good customer service as a marketing strategy.

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