Program Goals and Outcomes

CNC Operator Goals and Career Outcomes

Through career-focused courses, our online CNC Operator Training can help students prepare to take the first steps toward a new career in manufacturing.

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Program Goal

To enhance skills for employment in an industrial setting by providing students with knowledge and skills related to computer numerical control (CNC) technology and programming, basic machining, and workplace safety.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Identify procedures for working safely in an industrial setting.
  • Describe total quality management (TQM) and lean manufacturing.
  • Discover various approaches to problem solving.
  • Differentiate among various tools and equipment used in the industrial workplace.
  • Explain how to read blueprints, drawings, process sheets, and routing sheets.
  • Describe the functions and purpose of various types of layout, precision, and cutting tools and drilling, milling, and grinding machines.
  • Explain how the operation and features of CNC machines differ from manually controlled machines.
  • Discover CNC systems and machines, operating and programming machining, turning centers, and alternate machining technology.

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