Program Goals and Outcomes

Online Gunsmith School Program Goals and Outcomes

This online gunsmith training program can prepare students for work as gunsmiths, including starting their own business and applying for a Federal Firearms License.


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3 months

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Program Goal

To provide students with a working knowledge of basic gun repairs and modifications and to allow students to gain an entry-level career in the gunsmithing field.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Develop a full awareness of the rules for the safe handling of firearms
  • Identify and evaluate firearms by type, manufacturer, history, and physical characteristics
  • Know how to disassemble and reassemble various firearms; correctly identify and qualify the fit and finish of each part
  • Identify the correct replacement or customization parts required for a job, and properly order them from key suppliers
  • Know how to modify, custom-fit, and install stocks, sights and optics, and accessories on various firearms
  • Be familiar with the design, assembly, and fit of the modern sporting rifle, modern revolver, and modern semi-auto sidearm
  • Know how to identify, evaluate, apply, and repair various metal finishes, including blue and Parkerizing
  • Show familiarity with basic machine tool operations required of a gunsmith
  • Show basic knowledge of cartridge loading specifications and basic ballistics

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