Program Goals and Outcomes

Hotel and Restaurant Management Goals and Outcomes

The online Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Diploma can help prepare students to work in a variety of entry-level and middle management hospitality roles. With several career opportunities in each sector, from restaurants and hotels to cruise lines and convention centers, graduates can find the job that best fits their goals. 

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Career Diploma

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Program Goal

To prepare students for an entry-level career position in the hotel/restaurant field.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Identify types of hotels and restaurants and the traits needed to succeed in the hospitality industry
  • Identify how to determine staffing and scheduling of responsibilities
  • Explain how to forecast hotel occupancy and revenue
  • Describe various roles the housekeeping department along with techniques to manage inventory and how current technologies help with each
  • Identify how the engineering and maintenance departments operate and maintain HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and information technology systems
  • Explain the role of the engineering and maintenance department in compliance, security, planned preventive maintenance (PPM), vendor management, and capital projects
  • Explain food production terminology and principles, including food and beverage safety and sanitation protocols
  • Recognize essential principles within food and beverage service operations and analyze their efficiency
  • Explain the concept of menu engineering and the key elements of menu development and menu design
  • Identify the steps in planning, preparation, and execution needed to ensure guest satisfaction and profitability from hosting special events
  • Explain the processes for recruiting, onboarding, and training that help improve retention and productivity
  • Develop a distinct personal management approach aimed at delivering efficient leadership to both staff and coworkers
  • Recognize how the human resource department ensures compliance with employee laws and employee policies
  • Examine the connection between delivering service that pleases guests and the intricacies of the sales and marketing process
  • Utilize cost percentages, yield management, and additional revenue management principles in practical scenarios
  • Interpret fundamental legal concepts and regulations that oversee activities within the hospitality sector
  • Explain the use of technology across various segments of the hospitality industry

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