Program Goals and Outcomes

Hotel and Restaurant Management Goals and Outcomes

The online Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Diploma can help prepare students to work in a variety of entry-level and middle management hospitality roles. With several career opportunities in each sector, from restaurants and hotels to cruise lines and convention centers, graduates can find the job that best fits their goals. 

Hotel and Restaurant Management

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Program Goal

To prepare students for an entry-level career position in the hotel/restaurant field.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Understand the trends and traits of the hospitality industry
  • Identify the five stages of the marketing cycle, the concept of target marketing, and how the Internet is affecting the hospitality industry
  • Comprehend the processes for recruiting and interviewing prospective employees and managing employees
  • Understand how to forecast hotel occupancy and revenue
  • Identify how to determine staffing and scheduling of responsibilities
  • Understand the executive housekeeper's responsibilities and how current technologies affect the housekeeping department
  • Understand how the engineering and maintenance departments operate the vital engineering systems, such as electricity, heating, and ventilation
  • Understand the terminology and methods of hospitality accounting and the ways computers relate to hospitality accounting
  • Comprehend the insurance requirements of the hotel industry and the coverages available
  • Identify important state and federal laws that impact the hospitality industry
  • Understand the importance and nature of the control process, including the role forecasting plays in cost control and how to perform basic forecasting steps
  • Identify the elements of effective dining, restaurant, and banquet service
  • Comprehend how to plan a menu that accounts for customer preference, nutrient content, wording regulations, and pricing needs
  • Comprehend how to use recipes and measure properly, identify kitchen tools and equipment, and properly use flavorings and seasonings
  • Determine the proper purchasing functions, the types of distribution systems and factors affecting distribution, and types of markets and market regulations
  • Understand how to prevent food spoilage and eliminate food-borne illnesses
  • Understand how to enforce rules for hygienic food handling and washing of dishes, utensils, and other items
  • Comprehend various attitudes toward serving alcoholic beverages, including how to identify the warning signs of intoxication and the legal concerns associated with serving alcohol

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