Program Goals and Outcomes

Pet and Dog Grooming Goals and Outcomes

Penn Foster's Pet Grooming Certificate Program teaches you how to care for the grooming needs of your own dogs and cats and can help position you for employment as a pet or dog groomer.

Pet Grooming


2 months

As low as $50/mo

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Program Goal

To teach students how to care for the grooming needs of their own dogs.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Identify the duties of a pet groomer and how to establish a grooming business
  • Know the historical background of the dog and cat and identify the anatomy of the dog and cat
  • Identify grooming hand tools and describe their uses, as well as know how to prepare a dog for grooming and bathe and dry the dog
  • Recognize how to groom dogs from the terrier group, nonsporting group, and toy group
  • Recognize how to groom dogs from the sporting group, herding group, hound group, and working group
  • Recognize how to groom poodles, mixed breeds, drop-coat styles, and puppies
  • Recognize the basic personalities of different dogs and understand how to groom dogs who have behavior problems
  • Identify the characteristics common to cats’ personality types and understand how to properly handle each type of cat
  • Know the basics of bookkeeping, advertising, and customer service, as well as pricing and fees to start a pet grooming business

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