Program Goals and Outcomes

Wildlife and Forestry Conservation Goals and Outcomes

The Wildlife and Forestry Conservation Career Diploma can help prepare students for a rewarding career working with the natural environment. Requiring only introductory knowledge of wildlife and nature, our online courses can help you direct your focus and interests into beginning a career with a variety of organizations, like private wildlife preserves, camps and parks, and government agencies.

Wildlife/Forestry Conservation

Career Diploma

4 months

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Program Goal

The Wildlife/Forestry Conservation Career Diploma program prepares students for an entry-level position in the field of wildlife and forestry conservation.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Understand how to gather data on water and soil quality, disease, insect damage to trees and other plants, and conditions that may pose a fire hazard
  • Recognize how to locate property lines and evaluate forested areas to determine the species, quality, and amount of standing timber
  • Characterize the habits and behaviors of wildlife
  • Identify how to maintain trails, campsites, and other recreational facilities
  • Understand how to patrol forest areas and enforce environmental protection regulations
  • Recognize how to communicate with foresters, scientists, and sometimes the public about ongoing forestry and conservation activities
  • Recognize how to suppress forest fires with fire control activities
  • Understand how to train other forestry workers and coordinate detection programs

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