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We Celebrate Our Students

We’re proud of the work our students do and they study hard and deserve to be recognized for it! That’s why we celebrate their success through our Dean’s List and Lifelong Learners program.

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Dean's List

We love recognizing our students! They work hard. Between balancing school, family, and work, our students still manage to reach their educational goals and beyond! By making this prestigious list, this shows they go the extra mile. Our Dean's List acknowledges students in associate of science and bachelor of science programs. To be eligible, students must complete a full semester of nine credits or more¹ and earn a Quality Point Average (QPA) of 3.4 or higher. We publish this list quarterly.

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Penn Foster Lifelong Learners seal

Lifelong Learners

We believe learning doesn’t end with your degree or certificate but is a journey that lasts a lifetime. We’re #PFProud of our learners and to celebrate those who have committed to continuing their educational journey, we’re excited to bestow our most prestigious award, the Lifelong Learner award to students who have successfully completed all academic requirements of at least five programs.² Students who qualify for the Lifelong Learner Award will be eligible to enroll in any of our programs at no cost!

¹ This does not include any transfer credit, challenge exams, or proficiency credit.

² Students records are subject to review prior to becoming a Lifelong Learner. The restrictions are below:

  • Certificates under $400 in total price
  • Certificates that consist of one lesson
  • Individual college courses
  • Certificates that have a small number of lessons, all of which are encompassed in a more comprehensive program
  • Certificates in which all lesson grades/courses were transferred from another program (no new learning in the certificate program)
  • Certificates that do not teach any type of marketable job skill, but are intended for personal use only (i.e.: Anatomy and Physiology Certificate)
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