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Enrollment FAQs


How do I get started?

You can enroll over the phone, online, or through the mail.

Where can I find information on Penn Foster's International school and Penn Foster's Canada school?

You can find more information on Penn Foster's International school at For more information on Penn Foster's Canada school, go to

Will college credits from Penn Foster transfer into another college degree program?

Penn Foster college credits have been accepted for transfer into colleges across the country. Students should check with a specific college to see if they accept our credits, as credit transfer can vary depending on the school. Also, many of Penn Foster’s individual courses are recognized by the American Council on Education’s Credit Recommendation Service for potential transfer. No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits.

Will Penn Foster accept my college credits from a different college or university?

Yes, degree students can have prior coursework that was completed at an accredited college or university evaluated for potential credit transfer into one of our college programs. You must have a minimum grade of “C,” and up to 75% of required credits may be transferred. If you wish to receive credit, contact the college you attended and request for your official transcript(s) to be sent to Penn Foster College for evaluation. All approved transfer credits will be deducted from your tuition.

If Penn Foster College is not regionally accredited, will I still be able to get a job or transfer credits to another college after I complete a degree program?

Penn Foster College is nationally accredited, and our college graduates have been able to gain employment and transfer credits to other colleges and universities upon completion of our degree programs. However, these decisions are up to the discretion of the colleges, universities, or individual employers, and students should check with those entities to determine if they will be able to transfer credits or use their degree in a satisfactory capacity. No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits.

Why doesn't every college or university accept Penn Foster's High School Diploma?

Acceptance of a high school diploma can vary based on the college or university. No form of accreditation can guarantee that any learning institution or employer will accept the high school diploma. For a list of schools where Penn Foster High School graduates attended, click here.

Why don't you offer any AP (Advanced Placement) courses for the High School Diploma?

The Penn Foster High School curriculum was designed to meet minimum standard requirements of the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools, which does not require AP courses.

I can't get my high school transcript because the school is closed. What do I do?

Students looking to obtain transcripts from a high school that is no longer open should contact their state Board of Education.

Will you accept high school transcripts from other countries?

Yes. However, if the transcript is in a language other than English, we will need an official English translation of the transcript in order to evaluate it.

Do you offer a GED?

Penn Foster does not offer a GED. We offer a regionally and nationally accredited high school diploma.

What will I get when I finish the high school program?

When you complete the high school program, you will receive a nationally and regionally accredited diploma. Penn Foster High School is regionally accredited for grades 9 through adult by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (CSS-MSA) and nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Will Penn Foster accept my transferred credits from a different high school?

To receive transfer credits, an official transcript from an accredited institution recognized by Penn Foster must be submitted for evaluation. Transfer credits will be awarded for comparable high school subjects where a full credit has been earned. Since high school programs vary, only an evaluation by Penn Foster will determine the actual number of transfer credits to be awarded. The maximum number of transfer credits allowed is 16.

Does Penn Foster offer dual credit?

No, Penn Foster does not currently offer dual credit or opportunities for dual enrollment. This is because, for our college programs and many of our career training programs, a high school diploma or equivalent is a prerequisite for enrollment. Students cannot be currently enrolled in the high school program and also enrolled in a college degree program.

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