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Technology FAQs


Are there online classes?

There are no virtual classrooms, since Penn Foster is a self-paced school. There are some programs that have webinars the student must log into and attend. In addition, there are live Q&A webinars available on the Penn Foster Community Web site.

Can I do everything for my program online?

The amount of the work that can be completed online varies by program. Some programs can be completed entirely online, while others (primarily those that require textbooks or learning supplements) require a combination of online and “traditional” study.

Do I need a computer for my program?

Most of the programs offered through Penn Foster require access to a computer and the Internet, although there are some programs that do not require it.

Do Penn Foster's programs have videos?

Videos are included in some programs, but not all of them. There are also informational videos with students, instructors, and staff on the Community.

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